Shenzhen Growland Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2008 in Shenzhen. Neighbouring Hong Kong, Growland’s strategic locality gives it a geographical advantage for economic development and transportation network for international business. Moreover, surfing coherently with this economic development as a banner of China’s frontier of reform, this vibrant city renders us a dynamic mechanism for advancement in innovative technology and infrastructure. 


 Growland focuses on standardized agricultural products supply chain, and affirms agricultural industrialization and integration of agricultural resources.  Company’s mission is “To supply standardized agricultural products” while vision is “Become a respected global agricultural company”. We strongly believes in our doctrine - an E2A2E supply ecology in which consumer’s demand for standardized agricultural products will pursue for standardized production and distribution system, and ultimately provides multi-dimensional end users with safe and traceable agricultural products. By taking the primary processing plants at plantation origin as the link, we are committed to build traceable cooperatives as the first line of defence for food safety. With this core business in hand, we set foot in the following distribution network:


l  Professional industralized agricultural food supply

l  Catering services

l  Agricultural products wholesaling

l  Brand marketing

l  International business and trading

l  E-commerce


Apart from business participation, we also strive to become market-oriented “Quality Reliability Centre” and “Products Distribution Hub”, forming the linkage for primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and resources integration centre.


We focuses on the distribution of agricultural food products as breakthrough, cultivate and build channels for sub-category standardized products.  Our prestigious products include herbs and spices, dried edible mushrooms, dried fruit, grains and cereals, chinese herbal medicine and diet, dried aquatic products, nuts, tea and beverages, and professional food ingredients. 


We welcome All to participate and form strategic partner in our agricultural products standardization and distribution business!